Fields of use for commercial mediation

Opportunities to use mediation in a business context are diverse. Internal conflicts between employees or departments of a business, disagreement among shareholders, disputes with clients, suppliers or banks are just some examples given to illustrate this broad field.

One of the key leadership skills is to recognize unproductive conflicts and to manage them effectively. The costs incurred in stagnant, unresolved conflicts are well hidden. They don’t appear in financial statements such as the profit and loss account, yet research has shown how dauntingly high they are.

Sometimes it is advisable for management to not intervene in person, but rather to involve commercial mediators – conflicts experts with a business background.

Mediation is an all-in-one process to resolve conflicts and to develop creative solutions. They very often provide a competitive advantage.

Commercial mediation is the much needed and long overdue professionalization of conflict management. It is the answer to a world where competition pressure, time constraints and new forms of employment produce increasingly complex conflicts. Commercial mediation emphasizes the social skills of those who initiate it.

Mediators work confidentially and omnipartially. Both working principles are secured by law (Austrian Law on Mediation in Civil Law Matters 2003). Mediators are specifically trained to guide clients through the process, making efficient use of their resources in an atmosphere of empathy and trust. Their extensive training enables them to multiply options for potential solutions. A successful commercial mediation can lay the groundwork for productive cooperation in the future.

We also provide preventive support in situations which often lead to conflict such as mergers, start-ups and new foundations, association, transfer of businesses and other processes of change.

Mediation is also used successfully in other areas of life, including the private sphere.

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