Our Mission Statement

1. The forum wirtschaftsmediation is a group of experienced and professional business mediators that combines different expertise and competences in a variety of relevant professional divisions. Together and on an interdisciplinary basis, we work with a high level of personal and idealistic commitment to disseminate the idea of business mediation in Austria, regardless of any political position.

2. From our experience we know that not only the skills and experiences of the profession itself and profound mediation training are essential to the practice of business mediation but in fact the personal maturity and mediation approach in terms of empathy and reflectivity.

3. We cooperate on a national and international level with selected mediation associations, initiate open working groups and work with various training institutions to make use from the experiences and insights of our colleagues for the business mediation landscape in Austria.

4. Through the lectures and teaching activities of our members as well as public and internal events of the forum wirtschaftsmediation, decision makers from economy, the politics and society of our country are addressed and won over to business mediation.

5. Our internal communication is characterized by openness, exchange and mutual interest. Our members contribute their skills to achieve the common goals. They know each other personally and work together in respective positions in the area of theoretical development of business mediation and the practice co-mediation.

6. Our aim is to increase the proportion of constructive conflict resolution in internal and intercompany conflicts as well as conflicts between economy and society by the publication and application of business mediation and meditative techniques in conflict management or in dealing with conflicts.

7. The forum of business mediation sees itself as a centre of competence as well as a hub and first contact point for business mediation in Austria.