Agreement can be scheduled – check out our Mediation Guide

From our own experience, we know just how though it can be to convince conflicting parties to participate in mediation. Finding mediators best suited for a specific conflict can be an incredibly challenging task. However, it does not have to be: our Mediation Rules aim to facilitate the initiation phase of a mediation and enable parties interested in mediation to get started as soon as possible.

You can mandate us for only a small expense allowance and we:

  • try to obtain consent to mediation from all parties involved in the conflict
  • propose a minimum of three qualified and available mediators for your conflict (shortlist)
  • propose a second shortlist of mediators in case our first proposal does not suit your preferences
  • provide a ranked shortlist or moderate a hearing with shortlisted mediators (optional)
  • administer your mediation under strict confidentiality, as soon as a mediation contract has been signed by the conflicting parties and the selected mediator(s) (optional)

Our Mediation Guide  incorporates the Code of Ethics (in German) set forth by the Austrian Network for Mediation (Österreichisches Netzwerk Mediation, ÖNM) which secures fairness of procedure in mediation.

Settlements can be achieved: you dictate the process – choose what suits you best and when

Settlements can be achieved: rely on our professional support

Settlements can be achieved:  involve all relevant stakeholders

Our Mediation Rules provide a fair, well-structured and goal-oriented process.

Step 1:

Preparation for the initiation of a mediation, obtaining consent from all parties and confirming consent to all parties

Step 2:

Choice of mediator(s) from a shortlist, proposal of a ranked and/or alternative shortlist if no agreed-upon choice can be made from the first shortlist

Step 3 (optional):

Providing the process of mediation and its administration through forum wirtschaftsmediation under § 6 Mediation Rules.

Expense allowance:

The amount we charge for steps 1 and 2 is based on actual expenses as well as the number of parties involved in the conflict.

Hint: according to § 6 Z 27 UStG  (Austrian Value Added Tax Act) forum wirtschaftsmediation is exempt from value-added tax (VAT).

Mediation Guide

You can download the mediation guide or request your personal copy here.