Selection criteria for your mediators

The forum wirtschaftsmediation would like to provide you with information to help you find suitable mediators. The brochure (in German) provides information on

  1. Definition of business mediation
  2. Fields of application
  3. Selection criteria like:
  • Mediation education in general, further education and age
  • Reference cases
  • Job and work experience, mediation experience
  • Dealing with groups
  • Dialogue ability, foreign languages
  • Teaching and lecturing activities
  • Co-mediation and teamwork, group mediation
  • Availability
  • Awareness of material values

If you do not wish to make selections for yourself, the forum wirtschaftsmediation will gladly select mediators for you. Our transparent and understandable clear approach is governed by the mediation regulations (in German).

You will find a list of mediators who will be happy to work for you under Mediators/Our Team. You can use search criteria such as region or under foreign language or profession of origin to make a targeted selection according to your wishes.