20 years forum

20 years of business mediation in Austria (2017)

Happy Birthday Business Mediation!

Let’s look forward to the next 20 years with the forum wirtschaftsmediation!

A lot is happening in business mediation! Do you want to be at the forefront and benefit from 500-1000 years of focused experience of our 50 business mediators?

Agreement can be planned - our mediation guide as a brochure - gives you an overview of business mediation in Austria and explains how you can get your stakeholders involved in mediation and how you can get your lawyers excited about it.

Business mediation is an innovative, structured process for the sustainable solution of conflicts within your company as well as between companies.

The benefit of business mediation is that you can come to a cost-effective joint solution within a short period of time.

Our business mediators enable a constructive atmosphere as well as the necessary structure so that you can concentrate on common goals, interests and alternative solutions in the negotiations and discussions, so as to ultimately decide on a solution package together.

The enforceability of the results is regulated by law in Austria.

The forum wirtschaftsmediation has stood for interdisciplinary cooperation and further development of business mediation and conflict management in Austria since 1997.

Our business mediators are experienced mediators from varying source professions who work together on an interdisciplinary basis and would be happy to provide you with their respective industry experience and anonymized business mediation reference projects.

In our folder  you will find information about our mission statement, business mediation and mediation in court proceedings. We particularly recommend our "Process Providing" to you.

This enables us to support you and your conflict partners with initiation, selection of business mediators, as well as during the mediation process.

  • Settlements can be achieved,  because you can determine the course of action in good time
  • Settlements can be achieved​​​​​​​ - you dictate the process - choose what suits you best and when
  • Settlements can be achieved​​​​​​​ - rely on our professional support
  • Settlements can be achieved​​​​​​​ - involve all relevant stakeholders

Our business mediators support you in focusing on the corporate goals.

We would be happy to talk to you - anonymously - in compliance with our strict duty of confidentiality - about our most exciting mediation cases!

We celebrate...

20 years of forum wirtschaftsmediation

Celebrate and train together - that was the slogan on September 22nd and 23rd, 2017 in the Knappenhof in Reichenau an der Rax.

We were accompanied in the valley and on the mountain by Dr. Ursula König from Switzerland, who introduced us to the methods of international business mediation.