***Corona-crisis? We propose mediation!***

quick – unbureaucratic – free of charge

The current situation and the government measures and policies it entails puts a burden on businesses and conflicts of all sorts arise. Oftentimes, a timely solution needs to be found urgently.

Our experienced commercial mediators know that businesses are being affected immensely by the current restrictions, especially regarding finances. This is why forum wirtschaftsmediation offers quick and unbureaucratic support – completely cost-free – to kickstart your conflict resolution.

Contact us anytime via  office(at)wirtschaftsmediation(dot)at.  We reach out to you immediately and arrange the next steps. We also propose a shortlist of mediators specializing in your field for you to choose from. The precise process is laid down in our Mediation Rules (in German) which have – over the course of more than ten years -  proven to provide a well tried and tested framework for the initiation of a mediation. If necessary, we also try to obtain consent to mediation from all conflicting parties. Dates, locations and fees for mediation sessions are to be scheduled directly with the mediator(s) selected from the shortlist. 

Read our Mediation Guide for an overview on the method of commercial mediation.


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What is commercial mediation?

Why use commercial mediation?

Cooperation with CDRC - Int. Mediation Competition

The CDRC Vienna

The IBA-VIAC Mediation and Negotiation Consensual Dispute Resolution Competition is more than just any other moot court. This event brings together negotiation and mediation enthusiasts from different countries and walks of life to engage with one another and be enriched. Every year, 250 internationals from all over the world gather in Vienna to participate. The teams are selected based on the individual applicants, not merely the universities. At the event, they are grouped in sessions and assessed and supported by expert judges. The pool of approximately 50 international judges ranges from experts in fields ranging from mediation to negotiation, business to law, from academia to practice, providing holistic feedback for the participants.

The comparatively small number of selected participants allows the competition not only to maintain a high quality but also established a sense of community, allowing intercultural and intellectual exchange within the participants. Competing students, experts, organisers - at CDRC everyone is the same. Everyone can all learn from the other, each in their respective ways.

Have they sparked your interest? Check them out on their website: 
Are you interested in sponsorship? Feel free to message them at office(at)cdrcvienna(dot)org – they will get in touch with you as soon as possible.