Quality Assurance

Mediators from the forum wirtschaftsmediation have played a decisive role in the development of a procedure - complaint management - which ensures the quality of mediation. If you as a party in mediation perceive not being treated in accordance with the rules of the ethical guidelines (in German) for mediation, you can resort to an independent procedure of the Austrian Network Mediation (in German), free hotline 0800 24 25 23. Alternatively, consumers can turn to the Verbraucherschlichtung Austria, (in German) whose service is also available free of charge.


Complaint management of the Austrian network Mediation:

If you want to complain about meditors, it is intended to contact the service centre (in German) of the Austrian Network Mediation (ÖNM) in advance by phone (0800 24 25 23). Experienced mediators will listen to the reason of your complaint in detail and will ask about your needs. After this first informative conversation you will have to decide how to proceed. The mediators of the ÖNM will be happy to support you in this process. It may be helpful to clarify your request directly with the mediator and to discuss it in the following mediation session. If a direct clarification between the parties concerned is not possible, please contact us again. In the event that your mediation is conducted by a mediator from the forum wirtschaftsmediation, you are requested to submit your complaint in written form. The colleague involved will then be asked to make a statement and a clarification will be sought.

Furthermore, the Service Centre for Mediation can offer the preparation of an "Extended Mediation". The aim of this "Extended Mediation", which is carried out as co-mediation, is to settle the objections or to agree on the further procedure. The mediation takes place between you as the complainant and the involved mediator. For this purpose, the Service Centre for Mediation nominates a team of mediators (both are registered mediators) to lead the "Extended Mediation". All parties concerned must agree to this "Extended Mediation", whereby participation in this mediation is voluntary for all parties.

The costs for the "Extended Mediation" within the framework of 2 hours are covered by the service centre (in German) for Mediation.

We will inform you as soon as all requirements for the "Extended Mediation" have been clarified. The further organisation of this "Extended Mediation" is the responsibility of the mediator team, which will also conduct the "Extended Mediation".


Mediation by the Consumer Arbitration Service Austria

The Consumer Arbitration Office Austria is a neutral, state-recognised conciliation body. As a service, it offers free arbitration procedures (in German) to help solve problems between consumers and businesses. If difficulties arise between mediator(s) and party(ies) in connection with a mediation, consumers have the possibility to turn to the Consumer Arbitration Service Austria. Requests for mediation (in German) can easily be submitted online (in German).